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Cryptocurrencies give ownership of money back to the people...

…yet after more than 10 years, they are still unusable.

For the first time, the tech is available to create a true p2p electronic cash system.


Money is social, and your digital cash should recognize that. Send directly to people, not addresses. Claim a catchy $motag for public use.


Value stablized with currency peg of your choice. Store money in USD and local currency and convert with 1 click.


Mosendo is non-custodial, and does not require KYC/AML to create an account or hold a balance,

Digital Cash Without Borders

An interface for digital cash that does not confuse the user into losing money.

No KYC required to hold a balance.

Easy To Load

Connected to a global network of payment gateways that allow users to seamlessly load their wallet via credit card, bank account, mobile top up, and more.

▶︎ Money held in stable cryptocurrency, no value volatility.

▶︎ Non-custodial, private key managed in app with social recovery option.

▶︎ No Confusing public keys, users connect via $motag, social graph, and QR codes.

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Core Technologies Include

MakerDAO Ecosystem

*as of 9 Sept2019


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